Iconic corporate buildings, unique industrial facilities and private business environments; when working on commercial projects the team at BSW travel beyond the functional necessities to craft a

commercial setting that is aesthetically beautiful, completely functional and appreciated by end users across the board.


Design in the hospitality industry needs to be of a standard that is nothing but world-class. Applying our imagination, innovation and passion for consistency BSW meets this standard time after time.


When it comes to residential property BSW embraces the challenges that each property presents and the opportunity to create an unparalleled sense of order and balance.

From modern apartment complexes to stylish suburban dwellings and one-in-a-million cliff top abodes.


Community based architecture is all about creating spaces that draw people together and generate a sense of belonging. Thanks to comprehensively and compassionately thought-out

planning and design and ongoing collaboration with the client BSW is apt at making these truly special places come to life.


Combining the necessary healthcare requirements in warm and inclusive residential settings, BSW has transformed the development of leading edge residential care facilities into a well-honed art.


Whether it be large nationwide operations, international franchises or stand-along stores BSW consistently creates vibrant and engaging retail environments that are well-aligned with the client brand.